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Seeing the World in New Ways

In a long, but fascinating article in the journal, E-Media Studies, Lori Landay, examines the new frontiers of experience being explored within the context of computer games and virtual worlds. She begins with a reference to Soviet filmmaker, Dziga Vertov’s, description of those new perspectives opened up by the movie camera. In the 1920′s, he […]

The 3D Web

As Linden Labs and others continue to build out their “virtual worlds” and integrate them more fully into the web, others are coming at it from the opposite direction, building 3D functionality into the web browser itself, so that those who seek the immersive experience for a variety of reasons, won’t need to download special […]

Revolution Now?

Best selling author, Anne Rice, (Interview With a Vampire, and such) is publishing one of her short stories as a video book that can be read on iPhones, personal computers and other interconnected devices.  This also marks the coming of a new term, not yet familiar to most people, the “vook.” Get it? Vook is […]


Watching Watch TV and twitter about it. Is this the cutting edge of convergence? #bloomberg

The Next Year in Media – The D…

The Next Year in Media – The Daily Beast –

Virtual Worlds On The iPhone?

We’re not there yet … but it’s coming. Currently with an iPhone app called “Sparkle” I can log on to Second Life and connect with my friends and business associates who are in world. I can IM, chat, and transfer lindens. I can even send a TP request. Also, when I log on via my […]