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Down With The Virtual!

How did we ever get stuck with this misleading and maddening misnomer, “virtual reality.” Surely it’s a phrase popularized by people who aren’t fully cognizant of the fact that virtuality is the stuff that life is made of. Take clothes for example. Here “virtual reality” sheds light on that other misnomer, “real life.” There is […]

Our Mission

Exploring the boundary between the virtual and the real. Key themes include: art, fashion, science, spirituality, technology and politics. Our goal is to identify ways in which new media can enhance education and entertainment, art and culture generally, while building community across lines of difference.

Wave of the Future?

While there has been much ink spilled and many pages printed about how teenagers communicate in the digital age, one thing is clear: an entire generation will soon be graduating from high school and college with a habit of building friendships, seeking entertainment, buying products and services in ways that circumvent the communications technologies of […]

Getting the Most Out of Twitter

Getting the Most Out of Twitter –

Books About Virtual Reality

If you want to get an idea of how big the virtual reality movement is, and how broad its implications are, just take a quick tour of the books on this topic. Of course, one might consider it ironic that one of the main factors in what is supposed to be a migration away books […]

A Life of Its Own

In the days when literature was supreme, one of the highest compliments one could pay to a writer was that a character in a work of fiction took on “a life of its own.” The impression being that the portrayal was so “real” that the character jumped off the page to take on a life […]

Art, Philosophy and Virtual Reality

For any number of reasons, several of which are explored on these pages, virtual worlds offer fertile soil for artists, philosophers, theologians … in fact, anyone, with a penchant for reflecting on the meaning of life. The short movie (referred to by virtual world enthusiasts as “machinima”) now showing on YouTube and linked to below, […]

Everyone Knows Everything

“Everyone Knows Everything” – Alan R. Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company Thus, people around the world will have the same information, allowing them to select an automobile made for a world market, according to Ford’s CEO. But the declaration: “Everyone knows everything,” applies to much more than just cars. With information becoming ubiquitous, will there […]

Cell phone use a cure?

Cell phone use a cure for Alzheimer’s? LOL Something tells me they cause dementia.

White House Rep Hosts Meeting About Digital Technology

This from Amanda Linden on the Second Life blog: Yesterday, Beth Noveck, the Deputy Chief Technology Officer at the White House and the person responsible for Open Government, held a mixed-reality event co-sponsored by the Markle Foundation and Global Kids, to discuss her new book “WIKI GOVERNMENT: How Technology Can Make Government Better, Democracy Stronger, […]