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Our Mission

Exploring the boundary between the virtual and the real. Key themes include: art, fashion, science, spirituality, technology and politics. Our goal is to identify ways in which new media can enhance education and entertainment, art and culture generally, while building community across lines of difference.

Art, Philosophy and Virtual Reality

For any number of reasons, several of which are explored on these pages, virtual worlds offer fertile soil for artists, philosophers, theologians … in fact, anyone, with a penchant for reflecting on the meaning of life. The short movie (referred to by virtual world enthusiasts as “machinima”) now showing on YouTube and linked to below, […]


A very interesting and challenging project, culminating in a virtual world exhibit this September. We will track this with great interest as artists and designers seek to answer the question: “Is is even possible to visualize God in a 3D art project?” You can visit the website to learn more, but to really get in […]

Jewish Home?

Bettina Tizzy calls Jewish Home “one of the sweetest places I have seen geared to faith in Second Life,” and to be sure there are several superficially soothing features at this installation. But it is also deeply disturbing. The little synagogue at the top of the hill is dark and delapitated. The pews are in […]

Sacred Art in a Virtual World

This wonderful exhibit explores the relationship between art, architecture and spirituality in world religions. Informative, entertaining, enlightening. The exhibition was curated by students and staff of the Department of Art History at Rutgers University and the “Art History” group in Second Life. It was sponsored by the Play-as-Being Group, an initiative of Kira Institute. To […]

Condos in Heaven!

Second Life artist Bryn Oh’s works are artifacts from an alternate future, an apocalyptic universe where desperate mothers upload their dying children into cyborg bodies only to be beset by righteous mobs, children’s rhymes warn against impending robot attack and tiny gear-driven insects engage in the ancient and universal struggle to survive. But Bryn and […]