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Is Virtual Identity Arbitrary?

Given the opportunity to shape your own appearance at will, what would you choose to look like? In “real life” one’s control over such things as gender, skin color, body type, or height is limited to say the least. In “virtual reality,” many of these limits do not apply. So in my mind, the interesting […]

Rave Me

New York Couture’s “Rave Me” is the perfect clubwear for your Second Life avatar. See this outfit in action on our model, Charlene Myoo, dancing to the beat of Don Philip’s “Sugar.” This dress was commissioned by a customer who admires our design; IM us and we’ll consider designing a special item of clothing for […]

New World Notes

Wagner James Au is one of the most perceptive observers of the metaverse. His blog is indispensible to anyone seeking better understanding about the importance of virtual worlds. His blog, New World Notes deserves a place in your “favorites” file. Check it out.

Peace Makers in the Metaverse

More than a hundred vendors in Second Life are lending their time and talent to a treasure hunt focused on world peace. Can a virtual world contribute to actual Peace on Earth. Check it out.