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Not Possible in Real Life

Bettina Tizzy is better than almost anyone at turning up the most creative uses of the virtual world, Second Life. Though her focus is specifically upon the arts, we think that many of her comments touch upon two other topics that we are exploring, namely, science and spirituality. Check out the latest from Bettina Tizzy.

Condos in Heaven!

Second Life artist Bryn Oh’s works are artifacts from an alternate future, an apocalyptic universe where desperate mothers upload their dying children into cyborg bodies only to be beset by righteous mobs, children’s rhymes warn against impending robot attack and tiny gear-driven insects engage in the ancient and universal struggle to survive. But Bryn and […]

Second Life Growth Stats

There has been much discussion of late about whether earlier, rapid growth of the virtual world, Second Life, will continue. Many residents have the impression that growth has slowed, and there are some statistics to support that. Still, Pathfinder Linden has drawn up a chart showing a steady upward increase in what the company refers […]

So Small

Second Life avatar, PatriciaAnne Daviau is goddess of the small, building tiny houses, and even whole cities on a micro scale in the virtual world. Her builds are delightful and thought provoking. Read more. [youtube=]