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Virtual Reality; Real Money

Factoid: The top 25 business owners in Second Life took home 12 million US dollars last year. That’s not just virtual, folks.

Announcing Summer Fellowship O…

Announcing Summer Fellowship Opportunity. Please consider it now:


Watching Watch TV and twitter about it. Is this the cutting edge of convergence? #bloomberg

Everyone Knows Everything

“Everyone Knows Everything” – Alan R. Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company Thus, people around the world will have the same information, allowing them to select an automobile made for a world market, according to Ford’s CEO. But the declaration: “Everyone knows everything,” applies to much more than just cars. With information becoming ubiquitous, will there […]

Cell phone use a cure?

Cell phone use a cure for Alzheimer’s? LOL Something tells me they cause dementia.

The Next Year in Media – The D…

The Next Year in Media – The Daily Beast –