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The 3D Convergence

Maureen Dowd interviewed Jeffrey Katzenberg, the C.E.O. of DreamWorks Animation. recently about the emergence of 3D in films. She quotes Katzenberg as saying: “If you look at the history of film, there have now been three great revolutions. The first was silent to talkies. The second was black-and-white to color, 70 years ago. And this is the third great revolution, a quantum leap. We’re at the top of the waterfall with 3-D. And this is going to cascade down into virtually every facet of our lives where we are encountering video imagery or even photography.”

If 3D is cascading “down” from Hollywood, it is also “rising up” from places like Second Life, the World of Warcraft, gaming in general and anywhere that people gather in “virtual” environments that are accessed on LCD screens.

As these 3D technologies converge, Katzenberg’s prediction will be realized in ways that I don’t think even he had in mind as it does affect “every facet of our lives.”

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