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Wave of the Future?

While there has been much ink spilled and many pages printed about how teenagers communicate in the digital age, one thing is clear: an entire generation will soon be graduating from high school and college with a habit of building friendships, seeking entertainment, buying products and services in ways that circumvent the communications technologies of the past. It is also likely that this wave of young adults will seek out opportunities for education and enlightenment within their virtual worlds. The implications of these trends for the institutions that adults inhabit are profound.

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One Response to “Wave of the Future?”

  1. Charles Says:

    These are good questions and the dangers are real. In fact, both education and enlightenment are already commodities. It is the educator’s task to reveal that there is something deeper, should she or he be so included. At the same time there may be ways of addressing the systemic problems inherent in new media.

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