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Is Virtual Identity Arbitrary?

Given the opportunity to shape your own appearance at will, what would you choose to look like? In “real life” one’s control over such things as gender, skin color, body type, or height is limited to say the least. In “virtual reality,” many of these limits do not apply. So in my mind, the interesting question is this: given almost total control over one’s appearance, would the world end up being populated by people conforming to the lowest common denominator of beauty? Is the answer to that question already painfully evident in virtual worlds like Second Life? In her new blog, Doreen Garrigus, examines one dimension of this question, focusing on people’s choice of height. Her query has provoked a fascinating discussion.
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One Response to “Is Virtual Identity Arbitrary?”

  1. CleoPatra Guyot Says:

    What is the lowest common denominator of beauty? On one hand, the idea that we can pursue an ideal of physical perfection in SL, no matter what that ideal may be, is a wonderful freedom to explore and experience. We can be fashion-model tall and thin without actually having to give up food, or toned and muscular without actually becoming a gym rat. But does seeing these perfected versions of ourselves make it harder to deal with our physical reality, or easier to imagine actually reaching for something close to perfection?

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