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About Me

In the virtual world, Second Life, I run the New York Design Group that brings top designers together in a network of galleries and shops. New York Couture features fashion for women and men; New York Design focuses on architecture and decor for the home. By participating in the construction of this one vitual business, while networking with others who carve out their own presence in the “metaverse,” I am learning at first hand about the implications of all things virtual.

Aside from that, as Charles P. Henderson, I am executive editor of a quarterly journal of opinion, CrossCurrents and produce a popular blog about world religions, the GodWeb

I have been frequently published, with numerous articles and books including God and Science (John Knox / Westminster Press, 1986) and Faith, Science and the Future (CrossCurrents Press, 2007). I have taught and lectured at Princeton, Columbia, Yale Divinity School, Union Seminary, Harvard Divinity School, and others. 

In the “real” world, I live and work on an island … Manhattan. When I am not working, I can probably be found sailing. In Second Life, my home is on Tuckernuck, an island
off the coast of Natucket. I rent several retail outlets there, in Mystic, and on Fisher’s Island, where you can see my chapel design on a hill just outside of the village.

To contact:
Email Charles2McCaw at the Next World Design Group

Charles2 McCaw is CEO of the Next World Design Group which works at the
boundary of the virtual and the real, communicating online and in realtime
about art, science, and spirituality. 

“I am convinced of the importance of digital communications technology in shaping the way people connect with each other, build cultures and communities, engage in commerce, education and entertainment, cross borders and boundaries and, together, build our “next world.” While examining the positive as well as the negative impact of new media, I am utilizing it to explore questions of meaning, value and purpose. For better or worse, the line between the virtual and the real is dissolving and without question our future is digital.  Therefore, if the “better angels of our nature” are to find expression, those who care will need to figure out how the emerging media can be useful in building those partnerships and relationships without which a better world will not and cannot evolve.”