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Wave of the Future?

While there has been much ink spilled and many pages printed about how teenagers communicate in the digital age, one thing is clear: an entire generation will soon be graduating from high school and college with a habit of building friendships, seeking entertainment, buying products and services in ways that circumvent the communications technologies of […]

A Life of Its Own

In the days when literature was supreme, one of the highest compliments one could pay to a writer was that a character in a work of fiction took on “a life of its own.” The impression being that the portrayal was so “real” that the character jumped off the page to take on a life […]

Everyone Knows Everything

“Everyone Knows Everything” – Alan R. Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company Thus, people around the world will have the same information, allowing them to select an automobile made for a world market, according to Ford’s CEO. But the declaration: “Everyone knows everything,” applies to much more than just cars. With information becoming ubiquitous, will there […]

Television Sucks!

New research shows that television is the greatest consumer of human life, literally an angel of death. You think our education system is failing? It’s not the system that is failing, it’s the individual decisions of citizens to tether their minds to a totally passive medium for more than five hours every day. This is […]