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Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch Inspiration

Start with this stunning painting by American artist Georgia O’Keefe. Take inspiration from the widerness terrain of Ghost Ranch not far from Santa Fe, New Mexico where she lived and worked. Then translate its colors and shapes into the form of a dress for VR avatars, and it not only makes for virtual couture, but […]

Seeing the World in New Ways

In a long, but fascinating article in the journal, E-Media Studies, Lori Landay, examines the new frontiers of experience being explored within the context of computer games and virtual worlds. She begins with a reference to Soviet filmmaker, Dziga Vertov’s, description of those new perspectives opened up by the movie camera. In the 1920′s, he […]

Art, Philosophy and Virtual Reality

For any number of reasons, several of which are explored on these pages, virtual worlds offer fertile soil for artists, philosophers, theologians … in fact, anyone, with a penchant for reflecting on the meaning of life. The short movie (referred to by virtual world enthusiasts as “machinima”) now showing on YouTube and linked to below, […]

Slow Dancing

New York Couture model Charlene Myoo moves across a northern Italian landscape to the beat of John Legend’s Slow Dance. She is showing off in Alba Rossini’s long black dress. See her move now.

Rave Me

New York Couture’s “Rave Me” is the perfect clubwear for your Second Life avatar. See this outfit in action on our model, Charlene Myoo, dancing to the beat of Don Philip’s “Sugar.” This dress was commissioned by a customer who admires our design; IM us and we’ll consider designing a special item of clothing for […]