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Georgia O’Keefe’s Ghost Ranch Inspiration

Start with this stunning painting by American artist Georgia O’Keefe. Take inspiration from the widerness terrain of Ghost Ranch not far from Santa Fe, New Mexico where she lived and worked. Then translate its colors and shapes into the form of a dress for VR avatars, and it not only makes for virtual couture, but […]

Seeing the World in New Ways

In a long, but fascinating article in the journal, E-Media Studies, Lori Landay, examines the new frontiers of experience being explored within the context of computer games and virtual worlds. She begins with a reference to Soviet filmmaker, Dziga Vertov’s, description of those new perspectives opened up by the movie camera. In the 1920′s, he […]

Down With The Virtual!

How did we ever get stuck with this misleading and maddening misnomer, “virtual reality.” Surely it’s a phrase popularized by people who aren’t fully cognizant of the fact that virtuality is the stuff that life is made of. Take clothes for example. Here “virtual reality” sheds light on that other misnomer, “real life.” There is […]

A Tribute To Paco Rabanne

One of the metaverse’s leading designers, Alba2 Rossini, recently indroduced a new outfit inspired by the legendary Paco Rabanne. We admire the direction Alba’s work has taken and are happy to feature her latest. More about Paco Rabanne Alba’s Gallery in world

Our Mission

Exploring the boundary between the virtual and the real. Key themes include: art, fashion, science, spirituality, technology and politics. Our goal is to identify ways in which new media can enhance education and entertainment, art and culture generally, while building community across lines of difference.

The 3D Web

As Linden Labs and others continue to build out their “virtual worlds” and integrate them more fully into the web, others are coming at it from the opposite direction, building 3D functionality into the web browser itself, so that those who seek the immersive experience for a variety of reasons, won’t need to download special […]

Wave of the Future?

While there has been much ink spilled and many pages printed about how teenagers communicate in the digital age, one thing is clear: an entire generation will soon be graduating from high school and college with a habit of building friendships, seeking entertainment, buying products and services in ways that circumvent the communications technologies of […]

Just reached 700 friends in Avatars United

Just reached 700 friends within Avatars United, aiming for 1000 …..

Beyond Hype

Second Life and the Hype Cycle When a new technology hits the market, if often goes through what has come to be known as the Hype Cycle, moving through a period of over-enthusiasm and explosive growth. This is followed by disappointment  when the initial hype bubble bursts. Hype cycles also show how and when technologies move beyond the […]

The 3D Convergence

Maureen Dowd interviewed Jeffrey Katzenberg, the C.E.O. of DreamWorks Animation. recently about the emergence of 3D in films. She quotes Katzenberg as saying: “If you look at the history of film, there have now been three great revolutions. The first was silent to talkies. The second was black-and-white to color, 70 years ago. And this […]